elegant femdom - foot domination

Submissive Bitches Worship Their Male Master's Feet. The only site dedicated to female on male foot worship.

Master's Feet




Date: Aug 05

Megan obediently licks and sucks Master Dave's feet



Date: Aug 01

Master Katan makes Gina an offer she can't refuse: his feet in her mouth



Date: Jul 24

Under Master's soles



Date: Jul 20

Gina takes off Master's sweaty white sock and gags herself with it on his orders. She has to chew it and suck all the sweat out



Date: Jul 16

Submissive slut is begging to worship Master Katana's toes and lick his soles



Date: Jul 12

It's time for Megan's daily bitch training. She performs tricks for Master, learning how to heel and fetch a slipper and of course licks his feet



Date: Jul 08

Gina obviously adores her Master and it shows in the way she worships his feet line they are her god





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